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2022 IN PERSON Group Fitness & Yoga Program 

This Round will be a 12 Week Progressive Program hosted In Person in Lorette MB and runs January 3rd to March 25th



We will continue to create a Safe Space as we maintain conservative Class sizes. Below are some of the precautions to practice safety on behalf of all of you.


• Class sizes will have no more than 10 ladies in attendance and always take the size of the space that we have rented for the session into consideration when accepting the total amount of women enrolling 

• All ladies will bring their own equipment * see class schedule for details on what to bring


• There will be hand sanitizer to use as soon as partisanship arrive & at the end of class before leaving 


• I will not do any hands on adjusting but visually correct you with verbal guidance 


• There will be a separate entrance for all ladies arriving at the arena for their session, we won't be entering where the rest of the public does for other activities

• I will continue to host Online Membership for Women that would feel more comfortable training from the comfort of your own home. Online LIVE workouts are hosted via Zoom  (see Virtual Group Training Page for details)

I cannot Thank You all enough for your continual understanding and support over this unpredictable time xoxo



'In Person' Session Schedule & Details;

Monday 710-810pm: Total Body Endurance:

Dumbbell focused Dynamic Metabolic Chain Circuits *multi chain exercises performed in a tabata style circuit; focused on endurance, conditioning core and cardio all mixed into one solid hour What to bring: 1 set light load dumbbells plus 1 set heavier load for those looking for an extra challenge  NOTE: classes WILL NOT run on Monday of the Long weekends                                                                                 

Wednesday 6-7pm:

Total Body Strength with Resistance Band that focuses on Breakthrough Set Training * SuperSet Training with Resistance Bands with Cardio built into each Set ; routines are focus on building a strong Body Mind & Spirit while ensuring safe and suitable form

What to bring: loop Resistance Bands or Tubing **feel free to contact for guidance on what to bring or if you need suggestions where to find equipment needed  

Wednesday 710-810pm:

Restorative Chakra Inspired Yoga Flow  Inspired and charged by the Chakra wheel of energy. This hour revolves around sequences that are believed to balance, energize, and ground the 7 primary Chakras. We will also be working with aromatherapy and sound therapy meant to align with your specific energy point of each chakra.  The physical practice will be a combination of Energizing Yoga Flow to help strengthen balance and connect to your Power, with Slow Flow Recovery Asanas to support release of stress on the body while clearing and quieting the mind.

What to bring: yoga mat & bottle of water, and blanket. Yoga blocks, straps and bolsters optional

Thursday 545-645pm:

Vinyasa Yoga Flow Inspired by Empowerment Intention Setting *a combination of Energizing Yoga Flow to help strengthen balance and connect to your Power, followed by Slow Flow Recovery Asanas to support release of stress on the body while grounding the mind and soul 

What to bring: yoga mat & bottle of water, and blanket. Yoga blocks, straps and bolsters optional

Thursday 7-8pm:

Body Weight Conditioning, Core, Mobility, Focusing on functional patterns that improve overall performance: from speed to endurance, agility and balance, this class offers comprehensive exercises designed to compliment other workout routines and lifestyles.

What to bring: yoga mat & bottle of water,

Friday 10:15-11:15am:

Vinyasa Yoga Flow focused on Restorative Slow Flow Inspired by Deepening the asanas (poses) along with the pranayama (breath) Aromatherapy Oils diffused and brought for topical use to charge your practice

What to bring: yoga mat & bottle of water, and blanket. Yoga blocks, straps and bolsters optional


All Sessions will be hosted at the Light of the Prairies @ 22115 Mun 51 N, 22115 Oak Grove Rd in Lorette MB.


Classes are suitable for ALL Women at ANY Level, ALL Bodies. Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced Variations are offered for ALL 


️Mini bands are options at all fitness classes and yoga props are optional at all Yoga classes 


️To all sessions you will want to bring a yoga or fitness mat and a full water bottle.

Please dress for comfort and to support the training style of the session, and consider bringing a blanket for your Shavasana at Yoga sessions.


This time is about Empowering You with a Safe, Fun and Effective environment for you to fall in Love with taking care of yourself, achieving your Life changing goals, and making time for You!

Each session is dedicated to focusing on Total Body * Mind * Soul Training 

More Info about Group Training & Yoga Below or Please email to reserve a Drop In spot if Space Allows

 First Time Trial Class is FREE *Please contact to reserve as Space is Limited 

What to expect in person
Group Training & Yoga Program 

Group Training Programs are a 12 week Total Body ' Mind ' Soul Training Program designed specially for Women to come together to get empowered & have a ton of fun while we Empower our self and each other! The programs run periodically throughout the year, every January-March, April - June, July mini session, and Sept - Dec. 

Each Total Body Mind Body Soul session focuses on fun fueled variety of equipment based on the theme you select of each unique round. Ranging from strength, resistance, endurance, and conditioning training. Plus HIIT cardio, abdominal core exercises, and Vinyasa Yoga Flow & Recovery Yoga Asanas. Equipment options can range from resistance bands, mini bands, dumbbells, kettlebells, stability balls, body weight and more. You select your class package and which workouts you want to focus on.

We branch out into a variety of exercise techniques, with Drop Sets, Exertion Reps, Pyramid Sets, Super Sets, Isometric, Calisthenic and Tabata style training. You will also have an opportunity to master optimal balance, flexibility and recovery  as we work on yoga that is built into your program


Yoga Flow & Recovery is intention setting practice, with essential oil blends diffused and music playlists to align with the theme/intention of the day. We enjoy Body * Mind * Soul work in every session. Vinyasa style of Yoga Flow offers a mix of faster sequenced yoga then most styles, that link postures together rather than holding them for long periods of time. It's an energetic & vigorous practice that gives you a balance of physical exertion with strength and flexibility as you connected mindfulness into movement and breath. We also incorporating restorative slow flow poses at the start and end of the series to help cultivate restorative balance & let go in body, mind & soul.  


The workouts are designed with the mission to create personal empowerment, build confidence, promote impressive body re composition, improve overall health & wellness, ignite cardiovascular & endurance strengthening, allows physical transformation (as a side effect to self caring & loving through action). Not to mention the endless reward and impact that fitness has on helping us all to feel absolutely fabulous mentally emotionally, physically and spiritually!

We will also bring mindset, motivation, affirmation focus into our sessions together as we exercising positive self thought/talk and work on connecting to our inner self love so we power our self care and self discipline even more.

We have the opportunity to connect with community support and extra tips with your overall wellness on our private Live One Lifers Facebook Group page.  

Group sessions are hosted at a few locations in Lorette, MB: Light of the Prairies, local schools and local parks in the Spring and Summer.

See FAQ info below for more info.

Group Training Package Options


Attend 1 x a week
12 week 
Group Program
12 sessions @ $14/class 


Attend 2 x a week
12 week Group Program

24 sessions @ $12/class


Attend 3 -4x a week
12 week 
Group Program
@ $10/class

+ Each Group Fitness Training Program includes joining our Live One Lifers Facebook Group where you will receive extra Workout Strategies, Tips and Motivation/Encouragement to stick with your Fitness Program. We also share weekly details on the themes for every session to attach mindfulness to our soul work and personal empowerment along with the physical work of each class together. This page is a way to connect like minded women to support and encourage each other as well all work on becoming the Healthiest & Happiest versions of ourselves.

NOTE: When choosing your Package, you will pick a consistent day to attend weekly and prepay for all the classes ahead of time to offer you extra incentive & accountability to attend. Example: If classes are scheduled Monday, Wednesday, Friday, You would pick to attend every Monday for a Bronze Package, or Monday & Friday for Silver Package and Gold would qualify you for 3-4 classes a week, (depending which pass you selected).

*All Package Fees are Non Refundable

Here's what happy Group Fitness Training Participants have to say:

After participating in a fitness fundraiser back in December 2017 with Erin and absolutely loving her workout style, I knew I had to find a way to attend her group workout classes. My husband encouraged me to sign up because I couldn't stop talking about how much I wanted to join. With three kids under the age of 5, one of which is less than a year, I knew I couldn't commit to being out of the house more than one evening a week, so I signed up for one class a week and have loved every minute of it. The one hour workouts fly by but not without the post workout burn for a few days after. Erin has always been there to answer questions through emails or guide me through modified versions of the workouts due to pain and weakness from my multiple knee surgeries. My clothes are fitting even better than before I got pregnant with my youngest son and although I have not reached my goal YET, I know that with Erin's guidance again in round two, I will get there. Thank you Erin for bringing the perfect amount of passion, motivation and compassion to your classes. I am so excited to see you again in the next round 

- Krystle

Things to Know

  • We occasionally offer a casual drop in fee for $15 *only offered if space allows. *1st class is FREE

  • We accept a max of 10 ladies per class to ensure a hands on approach while maintaining a vibrant energy - age range is 18+ years with no max age.

  • If you have a pre arranged date that you know you can't attend one of your classes, please let us know and we can arrange for you to attend one of the other classes in lieu of the one you have to miss. You just need to ensure that you've given us 24 hours notice or you will lose the class, so we can ensure we can offer the spot to a casual drop in. We would hate to see the spot go to waste!

  • These packages are based on a minimum amount of enrollments. If we do not meet the minimum of 3 ladies per class we may have to revise the amount of classes offered per week or cancel a class, though we would try to schedule a makeup if possible within the program cycle.

Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of workout should I expect?

Each 1 hour session is a Total Body workout. We will be using a variety of different techniques that will work on muscle strength, tone and endurance. Weight training, cardio and core exercises will be built into every class. Each class is dedicated to having fun, getting fit, constantly learning & consistently progressing so you can feel your absolute best. Some examples of styles of training we teach: super sets, traditional circuit training, Tabata, partner workouts, HIIT training, to failure/exertion burn outs, vinyasa yoga, drop sets and pyramid sets. Every workout will end with a group recovery & total body stretch.

Can the exercises be customized for me?

Yes! During the classes you will learn how to pick your weight load/speed/rep range and variation of a level uniquely right for you. I’ll be giving beginner, intermediate & advanced variations for each exercise.

How will I know if I’m doing the exercises correctly or if I’m pushing too hard?

We will focus on fine tuning form with feedback during class. As I always say, it's important to check our ego at the door and go at the pace that is challenging us, but that won't risk injury.

What equipment will I need?

You will need to wear runners, bring a yoga or exercise mat, water bottle. Monday's session is the only one that you will need to bring 2 sets of dumbells, a light and heavy set. A set of 5 and 10lb dumbells should be suffice unless you are advanced with training and would like to bring a set of 8 and 12lb dumbells. Otherwise All equipment is provided. We’ll be using a variety of equipment ranging from resistance bands, plate weights, kettle bells, mini bands, stability balls, dumbbells and body weight exercises depending on the specialized class design.

Are some of the classes repeated or all they all different?

We will cycle workouts in a method that allows optimal progression while maintaining interest and not risking anyone getting bored.

Is this a women’s only fitness experience?

Yes! This is an all-women environment so we can really tap into what techniques are most successful for women to achieve their goals. These classes are suited to women at all levels.

Why is this set up in a program instead of weekly classes?

Group Training Bootcamp is designed to be a 10 week progression program with classes up to 3-4x a week for optimal results & benefits. The goal is to keep you committed to a specific fitness program that grows as you do while also offering the accountibility that ensures you're consistent about showing up for your weekly workouts.