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GOLD 1 Year Program

Weekly 1 hour tailored One on One Coaching session. 

48 sessions total spread over 1 year

ALL that's included in BRONZE program with

$40/month savings


Cost $280/month ($70 per hour)


SILVER 6 month Program

Weekly 1 hour tailored One on One coaching sessions. 

24 sessions total spread over 6 months

ALL that's included in BRONZE program with $20/month savings


COST $300/month ($75/hour)

BRONZE 3 month Intro Program

Weekly 1 hour tailored One on One coaching session. 

12 sessions total.spread over 3 months

+All Access to your Coach for unlimited contact 24/7

Cost:  $320/month ($80/hour)

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Additional information

Each program is subject to a onetime Personalized Profile Fee upon enrolling = $199.00  


This onetime Fee Includes the below services for the whole duration of program;

  • creation of your completely personalized nutrition and exercise program

  • continual customized meal plans and recipes tailored specially to your wants & needs

  • individualized exercise programs unique to you with progression plans + quarterly fit test (if requested)

  • integrative goal setting process personal to you

  • initial body composition analysis (weigh, measure, body fat % & before picture) with scheduled update

  • initiating your All Access communication with your Coach

Weekly One hour private in studio session will include;

  • weekly weigh in & monthly review of body composition (measurements & Body fat % progress check)

  • food log review and discussion about past weeks successes & challenges

  • review of your progress, lifestyle habits and mental/emotional changes unique to you

  • revised nutrition & exercise plan set forth for week ahead based on your individual needs

  • unscripted discussion of any and all aspects that affect your personal goals

  • session can be dedicated to 90% full exercise training session, brief 10%  nutrition & goals


All Access to your coach in between studio session includes;(*contact via text and or email);

  • guarantee to hear back within 6 hours during business hours or within 24 hours outside of business hours (in the case of long weekends and black out periods, contact will be returned once studio hours resume)

  • outreach to your coach for an unscripted discussion about your custom program & progress

  • trouble shooting on the go any obstacles regarding lifestyle habits that effect & impact your goals

  • receive personalized tips on the fly when facing challenges, cravings, grocery shopping or meals out

~ All Programs are subject to GST~ 

~Monthly Payment Excepted via Pre-Authorized credit card or cheque~

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