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Erin DeRose - Live One Life Coaching

Your Personalized Total Lifestyle Program experience will consist of a completely unique and individualized approach all online during Covid-19

There are not enough words to express my gratitude and appreciation for this remarkable lady who helped me shed close to 40lbs in 12 weeks!

Tired of feeling sluggish, miserable and uncomfortable in my own body I decided to reach out to Erin. I joined her on-line program for 3 months and put all my trust into her. Not only did she help me lose weight but she also brought back my self confidence. I always left our conversations feeling amazing and looking forward to the week ahead.

Erin is one of the most caring, kind hearted, supportive and selfless people you’ll ever meet. I don’t know how many times she had told me that this is her dream job and I don’t doubt that one bit. Erin absolutely loves what she does and you can definitely see that passion in her work. I could not have asked for a better Coach.

Thank you so much Erin I could not have done this without you.

- Lillianna, age 34

Lillianna Transformation Image - Live One Life Coaching

You will receive a tailored nutrition program, convenient exercise plan, personality empowerment plan of action and weekly one on one supportive coaching sessions that allow you to explore everything about yourself and how you are feeling on your new journey. You and I will meeting privately each week for one hour to review your progress, celebrate your successes, troubleshoot any potential obstacles, and continually provide a custom approach so your Total Lifestyle Plan changes as you do. It's important we connect with open communication as together, we can dig deep and explore your inner transformation as much as what's happening on the outside. 

Krystal Transformation Image - Live One Life Coaching

I have been seeing Erin now for over a year for what began as a weight loss journey, but it has become so much more. She has taught me so much in these months and helped me learn a lot about myself and my habits. Our weekly sessions and in between texts are a huge boost, I leave her studio every week freshly motivated and ready to keep on keeping on! With this lifestyle change I haven't only lost weight and inches but I've improved other areas of my physical health and have had a great improvement in mental health as well! She has stuck with me through my struggles and with her motivation, positive attitude, knowledge, support and understanding she has helped me do what I've been trying to do for years. I can't thank her enough and can't wait for what the future holds.

- Krystal, age 34

Weekly Coaching Sessions Include

  • unscripted discussion of any and all aspects that affect your personal goals

  • review of your progress, lifestyle habits and mental/emotional changes unique to you 

  • self discovery discussions; exploring your 'blue print tendencies', habitual habits that allow us to identify how we can set you up for success

  • body image talk; digging into your positive self thought and talk habits

  • weekly weigh in & monthly body composition review

  • food log review and discussion about past weeks successes & challenges 

  • revised nutrition & exercise plan set forth for week ahead based on your individual needs

  • sessions can be dedicated to full personal exercise training session

Connect for Your Initial Personal Empowerment Call

Well, it really is "never too late". I am 63 years old and just finished 6 months of a one year commitment with Erin at Live One Life Coaching. The greatest decision I've ever made! Prior to signing up with Erin my idea of exercise was walking and a lot of golf in the summer months, which was all cardio. I met Erin a few years back when I joined yet another weight loss program. When I heard that Erin was starting her own business I knew that I would be following her, however I had no idea that exercise would become my focus. With Erin's wealth of knowledge and her passion for her work, she has designed an exercise routine that works for me. Every week we celebrate the successes and at the same time the routine gets tweaked based on my ability to complete at home, with minimal equipment. I am amazed with my results and look forward to my weekly visit and I am already discussing strategy for second year.

If you are wanting to make some changes in your lifestyle, you will be in great hands with Erin.

- Patti, age 63

Patti Transformation Image - Live One Life Coaching
Erin DeRose - Heath and Wellness Coach - Live One Life Coaching

You will also have constant access to me as your Coach: reach out for support & questions between your weekly Coaching Sessions at any time. This extra access allows even more support, accountability and communication to ensure consistent success with your goals. 

All Access to Your Coach Between Studio Sessions Includes:

  • 24/7 support via text or email

  • outreach anytine for an unscripted discussion about your custom program & individual progress

  • troubleshooting on the go for any obstacles you may face along the way

  • sharing your celebrations and successes along the way

  • personalized tips on the fly when facing challenges

Book Your Free Lifestyle Assessment Today
Doris Transformation Image - Live One Life Coaching

I have so much appreciation for coach Erin. I joined her classes this past spring. She was always supportive and inspiring. I know I asked some questions more than once and she always answered with enthusiasm. I always felt she had my best interest at heart. Her knowledge of body, mind and health is vast. The classes were fun and challenging. I am so glad I will be able to participate in all 3 classes in the next session. In June of this year I joined up for weekly one on one personal coaching sessions. I enjoy the extra exercise time and coach Erin's personalized instructions to help with my journey to the "new me". What I also find most beneficial is our discussions on personal health and life matters. The coaching sessions help push me to move forward in my health journey. Coach Erin has a honest and caring heart and truly wants to help other to achieve their goals.

- Doris, age 57

I’ve lost weight before. I worked with Erin and other coaches to lose 77 pounds. The focus at that time was ‘losing weight’ and I was successful.I had a formula and routine that worked for me. Then, life happened. Before I knew it, I had regained most of the weight I had lost. I was frustrated. Disappointed in myself. And, not sure where to start. Enter Erin DeRose. Erin was keeping an eye on me. She would send an occasional text or email to see how I was doing. It was great to know someone cared. At the same time, I found myself kind of avoiding her. In truth, it wasn’t Erin I was avoiding. I was avoiding myself.  She patiently waited for me to come to her. I contacted her and asked if she had room for me in her schedule. Work wasn’t as busy, life was less crazy, and I had ‘time’ to work on this. Had time to work on this? When I think back I realize what a weird concept this was. I was treating this like I would a project at work with a start and end date. Thankfully, it has been nothing like that. I was more than a little nervous to get started. I’d lost weight before and gained it back. Could I lose it again? Could I avoid gaining it back? I had time to focus and concentrate on this right now. What would happen when life happened again? We spent a lot of time talking. We talked about work, what was going on at home, last weekend. Everything. It seemed like casual conversation but she was learning a lot about me.  Erin presented what I call the ‘no plan’ plan. Using strategies from various plans and nutrition fundamentals, we found what worked for me. It provided the structure and guidelines I needed but was flexible enough to adapt to what life looked like at any given time.

As a member of the 50+ club, I want to be strong and to remain independent. Age does not have to limit me. Through all of this, I’ve learned a few things:

First, I couldn’t have done this alone. I do not have the time to sort through all the information floating around and figure out what works best for me. Erin has been an invaluable resource. She is a wealth of knowledge guiding me through nutrition, exercise and training, and dealing with the distractions of everyday life. She has the uncanny ability to know what I need before I do.

Second, I needed to invest in myself; time-wise and money-wise. Taking care of yourself takes time. Time to exercise. Time to plan and prepare meals. Time to refuel and recover. At first, I wondered how I would have time to fit this all in. I soon realized I could make it work. Turns out it wasn’t as much as matter of time as it was a matter of priorities. Time and priorities were not quite enough for me though. I needed that outside support from coaches and trainers. Learning every day, it is money well spent.

Third, life happens. I ‘ve stopped thinking of this as a project and have truly changed my lifestyle. Activities such as meal prep and working out are natural and expected parts of my day. On those days when life gets in the way, I use the strategies Erin taught me to get back on track. I am ready for when life happens.

- Sharra, age 52

Sharra Transformation Image - Live One Life Coaching

One-time Personalized Profile Fee $199



  • creation of your completely personalized nutrition and exercise program

  • continual customized meal plans and recipes tailored specially to your wants & needs 

  • individualized exercise programs unique to you with progression plans + quarterly fit test (if requested)

  • True Colours Personality Test to learn your ‘Blueprint Tendencies’ 

  • initial body composition analysis (weigh, measure, body fat % & before picture) with scheduled update

  • initiating your All Access communication with your Coach


3 month Intro Program

Personalized Weekly Coaching + All Access Communication With Your Coach 

12 Weekly One Hour Sessions

($80 per week)



6 month Program

Personalized Weekly Coaching + All Access Communication With Your Coach 

24 Weekly One Hour Sessions

($75 per week)



1 yr Program

Personalized Weekly Coaching + All Access Communication With Your Coach 

48 Weekly One Hour Sessions

($70 per week)


No binding contracts on any program package, it’s all about a happy experience. 

Private Coaching Program openings vary as I maintain an exclusive amount of Private Clients to ensure I maintain a very intimate connection with each client.  Every aspect of each program is uniquely tailored to each individuals needs and I want to ensure I fulfill my promise of a completely personalized approach. If no spots are open you may request to go on the wait list to be the first person contacted once a spot becomes available. 

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