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These exclusive blends was created with the Intention of helping you connect, ground, and charge in your Masculine Warrior and or Devine Feminine energy and essence


All products are handcrafted with 100% Natural Pure Organic and Sourced Ingredients


Masculine Warrior Blend

•Pure Organic Jojoba Oil

•Dried Red Rose Pedals

•Dried Canadian White Sage

•Black Spruce Essential Oil

•Bergamot Essential Oil

•Vetiver Essential Oil

•Vanilla Fragrance Oil

•Clear Quartz Crystal

2 • Obsidian roller ball for protection. To also improve physical vitality and endurance in will.

2 • Red Jasper roller ball for empowerment of vitality, charm, and affinity.


Devine Feminine Blend

•Pure Organic Jojoba Oil

•Dried Mallow Flower (Venus Flower)

•Canadian Dried Cedar

•Clary Sage Essential Oil

•Ylang Ylang Essential Oil

•White Angelica Essential Oil

•Vanilla Fragrance Oil

•Clear Quartz Crystal

2 • Amethyst Roller balls for healing, grounding, connection, and elevation.

2 • Green Jade Roller Ball for comfort of the heart. Also to aid the release of tension & discomfort.


Healing Support:

•Created, Blended, Charged under the full cycle of February 2023 Snow Full Moon

The Snow Moon is said to be a reminder that change is not always showy. It illuminates the gentle stirrings that often create the most meaningful shifts. This is the time to trust the stillness and the truth of your own knowing A perfect vibration to apply to energizing your Masculine Warrior and Devine Goddess


•Also purified in the smudge smoke of Canadian Cedar & Dried White Sage


Use of Elixor: Apply blend to wrists, middle of chest, inner ankles, behind ears or the bottoms of your feet or big toe. Roll crystal roller ball over skin 1-2 swipes. This is a potent blend so less is more!

* Always test a very small amount on your skin before using suggested amount.


Tips: as applying, draw attention to the image of your essence; breath Him/Her in, affirm gratitude for His/Her Power, receive His/Her Gifts, release His/Her Pain


Includes reusable crystal roller ball and dropper attachment to add oil blend to water in a diffuser.

Masculine Warrior & Devine Feminine inspired topical Elixir

SKU: 002MF
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