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Erin DeRose - Live One Life Coaching

Coach Erin

I have always been driven to push myself to learn, grow and succeed in achieving my many goals in life. From a very young age I had a strong interest in education regarding the body's anatomy, psychology, nutrition science, exercise theory, vitamins & herbal supplements. That passion lead me to obtain a certificate as a Health Coach, NFLA Fitness Leader and Yoga Instructor. I have now dedicated over 16 years of professional experience to helping motivate, educate and commit others to invest into their own happiness and health goals.

I strongly believe that our physical wellness is a direct result of our emotional and mental wellness, that thoughts become things and that how we treat ourselves in our daily habits should reflect how we want to thrive in our body, mind and soul.  I take great pride in coaching my clients to rediscover their self love and worth so they too can reconnect to the value of self care through Healthy Lifestyle Habits.

I don't doubt that it's my true calling to support those who wish to embark on their own journey seeking health & emotional wealth. I have a personal understanding of the struggle of living a life without caring or valuing yourself.  What it is to lose yourself in body mind and soul, and how deeply that effects your entire Life.  I too personally made the commitment to transform myself,  I embraced a Healthy Lifestyle change, successfully overcame health problems, shed 60lbs and transformed so much about how I Live my Life. That Life changing experience ignited my passion to change lives even more! Implanting an even stronger desire to impact peoples lives in a positive way and wanting to pass on the tools to help improve people's quality of life in every way.

I believe that we all have the capability to achieve a goal and build greatness within our lives if given the opportunity to do so. My many years of experience in the health industry have allowed me to educate and guide hundreds of clients to achieve their ultimate goals. I plan to continue to make my life's work about motivating, supporting and educating others on their paths to becoming the best version of themselves through healthy nutrition, exercise, attitude and lifestyle habits. 

I am filled with an overwhelming amount of fulfillment when witnessing another unleash their higher self and I consider it a great honor when asked to be a part of a person's self discovery towards living a Mindful & Fulfilling Life. I look forward to being of service to anyone who is seeking to improve their overall well being and quality of life with Live One Life Coaching.

Erin DeRose - Live One Life Coaching
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