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Coach Erin

 Change your Habits, Change your Life *Online during Covid-19

A Personalized Holistic Approach

The first thing you should know is that 16 years of Lifestyle, Wellness & Fitness Coaching has taught me that one size does not always fit all! What empowers one person doesn't always work for the next and I truly believe that to find your own unique Sustainable Healthy Habits we need to reignite Mindful  Presence into our Life so that we can ultimately set you up for unlimited success. 

As a Holistic Lifestyle Coach, I get to know each and every Client's Lifestyle, Personality, Core Traits, Personal Obstacles, Individual Needs, Unique Wants, and Specific Life Changing Goals so we together can create a completely custom Personalized Total Lifestyle Program. Each Program includes a plan of actions with Nutrition, Exercise, Mindset/Motivation, Positive Self Image, Soul Work, Holistic Guidance and One on One Coaching unique to your needs.

At Live One Life Coaching, I have a strong commitment to helping women rediscover their true self in body, mind & soul. My commitment it to facilitating my clients with gaining a intuitive connection & healthy relationship with their bodies and empowering self love through positive self talk & thought.  This change in thought helps directly impacts positive self care & self discipline. How you see yourself affects how you treat yourself, and this love of self directly impacts your overall lifestyle plan of action & new way of Living.

Group Fitness & Yoga in Lorette, MB

Women Group Fitness & Yoga Programs are designed as a 10-12 week Progressive Program with a variety of training styles in classes up to 4x a week for the ultimate Body * Mind * Soul experience that will set you up for Empowering success 

Coach Erin

Private Studio

Trainer Erin
Private Studio- Live One Life Coaching

Happy Clients Are Saying...

I met Erin through a mutual friend, almost a year ago. Right away I could tell she was a strong independent woman who is incredibly caring and really easy to be around. Someone you feel comfortable with right away. Which makes working with her easy. I, like most women, am self conscious, and working out in public can be scary and overwhelming. Working with Erin one on one, I didn’t feel like I was being judged. She truly wants to help people achieve their goals and is very motivational and uplifting. You can tell she really cares! I joined her fundraiser work out class and had a great time! It was a great class that allowed everyone to work at their own level. It was fast paced, not too fast, and fun. I definitely left there feeling good! I can’t wait to do it again!

- Renae

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